Aaron has joined Elin in interior design for the past 1 1/2 years with designing Bungalows and condominiums. Aaron has a strong vision on how both exterior and interior spaces can look best in photographs.


Whether you are outside with a buildings-filled background or inside with a coloured background of your choice, Aaron gives you the best of how you want to present yourself with customizable portrait ideas.


For any profession a clean, crisp headshot is a must for the ultimate professional image. Aaron’s vision and photography knowhow can direct both a freeflowing individual in the creative industry to a tip-top shape of the corporate world to have the perfect headshots for their professional profile.


The visual is the most effective way to sway the consumer, and the right photo is a must. Aaron will take the perfect photos for commercial use; the staging, the focus and the creative touch to entice the consumers. Aaron’s touch will provide you with the right tools to sell your product and promote your business.


The once in a lifetime, special moments deserves to go perfectly. Get to know Aaron and Aaron will get to know you to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera to be yourself. Capture and keep the memories in a photograph that reflects the love for each other to look back on to relive the moment and share with your children.