Aaron Li Photography is a professional photography business founded by Aaron Li. Coming from a photo loving family, with his aunt who does wedding and traveling photography for the past 10 years, and his grandfather who still shoots and travels around the world in his 80’s, there is no doubt Aaron had an interest in taking pictures from a young age and it has been growing ever since. With a digital media background and worked with a number of renowned photographers and studios, Aaron decided to start his own practice of photography to have full control over the vision he can provide to his clients.

Aaron believes photographs are a piece of memory that are captured to last forever. To capture the perfect moment, the perfect staging is necessary, but it is only when the model is comfortable and confident in front of the camera the magic will happen. That is why Aaron takes the time to get to know his clients; the model, the project, the goals and the vision. Only then it is time to capture the perfect moment created by the photographer and the subject.

Through this carefully planned process and the spontaneous fun and joy of the shoot session, Aaron hopes that along with the photographs, you can take away a little bit more knowledge about photography and the moment you created.